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Blindfolded but not Colorblind: Discussion on Mass Incarceration (Local Democratic Committee Event)

Hosted by Erie County Young Democrats. The full title of this event is:

Blindfolded but not Colorblind: Discussion of the criminal justice system, mass incarceration, racism, and the role of judges in perpetuating or confronting this system

This discussion will include:

Dr. Robert Rhodes, retired political science professor from Edinboro University, on the structure of the judicial system and the role judges play in mass incarceration Rev. Charles Mock, local pastor at Community Missionary Baptist Church, on restorative justice Ejay Fyke, Erie resident, on incarceration and the re-entry process And other community residents and leaders

There will be many opportunities for residents to ask questions and participate in the discussion!

Everyone is welcome!

We suggest you read "The New Jim Crow," a book by Michelle Alexander or watch "13th" a documentary directed by Ava DuVernay available on Netflix. Neither of these materials is necessary to participate in the discussion though.

Host: Michael Mahler
Blasco Public Library - Admiral Room (Erie, PA)
160 E Front St
Erie, PA 16507
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