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Petition Party (Local Democratic Committee Event)

The Bedford County Democrats will have a “petition party” on Saturday, February 18.  The event will be held at the Bird’s Nest Cafe & Bakery at 113 South Richard Street, Bedford, and will begin at 5:00 p.m.  The event will be 60% social and 40% work.  During the work part of the evening, Kevin Miller, party chair, will explain the the proper way to collect petition signatures, and attendees will be able to sign petitions for statewide and countywide candidates.  We will also be invited to take petitions for signatures in our local precincts.

The Bird’s Nest ( is located at 113 S. Richard Street, near the intersection with Pitt Street.  It normally serves breakfast and lunch and closes at 3:00 p.m.  They will open for us, and we will be the only occupants.  A menu for the evening is attached.

RSVP for planning purposes by using the link on this page , or send email to

Host: David Popp
Bird’s Nest Cafe & Bakery (Bedford, PA)
113 South Richard Street
Bedford, PA 15522
Directions: The Bird's Nest ( is located at 113 S. Richard Street, near the intersection with Pitt Street.
Note on Local Dems Committee Events This event is run and managed by a county or local neighborhood Democratic Committee. For more information, please view the host details posted on this event and contact the host directly. The state party will not be able to provide more details than what is posted here.

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The capacity limit is 60 attendees.